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Indigenous Authors & Books
Scholastic Canada Biography
Elizabeth MacLeod
Hardcover | Jan 2019
4 in store $16.99
Bear for Breakfast
Robert Munsch
Paperback | Feb 2019
4 in store $7.99
The Girl and the Wolf
Katherena Vermette
Hardcover | Feb 2019
6 in store $19.95
Red River Resistance
Katherena Vermette
Paperback | Mar 2019
3 in store $18.95
Surviving the City
Tasha Spillett
Paperback | Mar 2019
4 in store $18.95
Awasis and the World-Famous Bannock
Dallas Hunt
Hardcover | Nov 2018
1 in store $19.95
(more on order)
All Our Relations
Tanya Talaga
Paperback | Oct 2018
5 in store $19.95
Growing Up in Wild Horse Canyon
Karen Autio
Hardcover | Oct 2018
25 in store (regular) $25.95
20 in store (signed) $25.95
The Origin of Day and Night
Paula Ikuutaq Rumbolt
Hardcover | Oct 2018
2 in store $16.95
Trickster Drift
Eden Robinson
Hardcover | Oct 2018
3 in store $25.60
Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada
The Royal Canadian Geographical Society
Hardcover | Sep 2018
2 in store $99.99
river woman
Katherena Vermette
Paperback | Sep 2018
4 in store $19.95
Go Show the World
Wab Kinew
Hardcover | Sep 2018
3 in store $21.99
The Orange Shirt Story
Phyllis Webstad
Paperback | Sep 2018
5 in store $19.99
Richard Wagamese
Hardcover | Aug 2018
5 in store $22.46
New Poets of Native Nations
Heid E Erdrich
Paperback | Jul 2018
1 in store $23.50
Indian Act
Donna-Michelle St Bernard
Paperback | Jun 2018
2 in store $29.95

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We Need Diverse Books (WNDB) started as a hashtag in 2014 and evolved into a trademarked, volunteer-run, nonprofit organization in 2015. There have been a growing number of literary initiatives in place as librarians and booksellers work hard to change the conversation around diverse books, and to help others present diverse books more effectively to readers. For further reading, please check WNDB's highly popular, "End Of Year Lists", as well as a very thorough list/research page, here
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