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Indigenous Authors & Books
David Alexander Robertson
Paperback | Mar 2018
4 in store $15.96
The Sharing Circle
Theresa Larsen-Jonasson
6 in store $13.59
Medicine Wheel Stories of a Hoop Dancer
Teddy Anderson
6 in store $11.99
Raven`s Feast
Kung Jaadee
2 in store $13.59
(more on order)
Dawn Flight
Kevin Locke
2 in store $13.59
(more on order)
Trudy's Rock Story
Trudy Spiller
3 in store $13.59
When Raven Became Spider
Jennifer Matotek
Paperback | Jul 2017
1 in store $11.96
The Drum Story
Reality Media
Hardcover | Jul 2010
1 in store $23.96
Canoe Kids Volume 2
Reality Media
Paperback | Aug 2016
1 in store $18.36
Canoe Kids Volume 1
Reality Media
Paperback | Jan 2016
1 in store $18.36
A Day With Yayah
Nicola Campbell
Hardcover | Oct 2017
8 in store $15.96
The Reconciliation Manifesto
Arthur Manuel
Paperback | Oct 2017
7 in store $18.36
Speaking Our Truth
Monique Gray Smith
Hardcover | Sep 2017
3 in store $23.96
(more on order)
The Marrow Thieves
Cherie Dimaline
Paperback | May 2017
8 in store $11.96
(more on order)
Coyote Tales
Thomas King
Hardcover | Oct 2017
5 in store $13.56
(more on order)
Seven Fallen Feathers
Tanya Talaga
Paperback | Sep 2017
10 in store $18.36
From Oral to Written
Tomson Highway
Paperback | Aug 2017
2 in store $23.96
(more on order)
Turtle Island
Eldon Yellowhorn
Paperback | Sep 2017
2 in store $13.56
(more on order)

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Learning in Depth (LID)
We recently helped one of our local schools put together book resources for Learning in Depth (LID) so thought we'd share in case anyone else can use. If your school is using this program, feel free to give us a call or email us your list of topics and we'll be happy to put together a list of suggested titles.
(Click here for some more resource info from SFU:
We Need Diverse Books (WNDB) started as a hashtag in 2014 and evolved into a trademarked, volunteer-run, nonprofit organization in 2015. There have been a growing number of literary initiatives in place as librarians and booksellers work hard to change the conversation around diverse books, and to help others present diverse books more effectively to readers. For further reading, please check WNDB's highly popular, "End Of Year Lists", as well as a very thorough list/research page, here
Science / Technology / Engineering / Mathematics
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Fiction and non-fiction books exploring the LGBTQ experience.
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A selection of our favourite wordless storybooks
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Our suggested new releases for elementary schools
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